Impact Of Hurricane Florence In The Us

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In September 2018, Hurricane Florence brought high winds, dangerous storm surge, and record rainfall that caused historic flooding throughout North Carolina, and also had significant impacts on South Carolina.

While the National Hurricane Center is still processing its final, comprehensive report on Florence, we at Carport Direct wanted to share some of the data we have now about:

Florence and her lasting impacts on the area through this infographic:


  1. Hurricane Florence had a storm diameter of about 500 miles – larger than that of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina!
  2. At its peak, Florence was a Category 4 storm with sustained winds reaching 140 mph.
  3. Florence weakened to a Category 1 storm before making landfall, but the real damage came as she slowed down and hovered over North Carolina for several days, inflicting even higher levels of rainfall, storm surge, and flooding than 2016’s Hurricane Matthew.
  4. Florence’s greatest effects were felt in the Carolinas, but she also had some impact on almost every state up to the Eastern Seaboard.
  5. Over four days, the massive storm deposited 10 trillion gallons of rain across 14,000 square miles, with rainfall accumulating to an average height of 17.5 inches and peaking at nearly 36 inches in Elizabethtown, North Carolina. Florence goes down as the second wettest on record in the US, only rivaled by 2017’s Hurricane Harvey deluge over the Houston area.
  6. At least 55 deaths were attributed to Florence, and the economic impacts and losses are still being felt today.

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Impact of Hurricane Florence in the US
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