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South Carolina residents enjoy warm weather through a good part of the year. This can be a good thing, but it also brings along an average of 50 days of thunderstorms and 14 tornadoes every year. Hail is fairly common with many of the stronger thunderstorms that cross SC as well. There’s lots of beautiful sunshine here, but sometimes those rays can get a little harsh too, especially in the summer months.

The sun’s rays are necessary for life, but over time they can also cause damage to your car, truck, boat, RV, or other vehicle. The often humid conditions in SC can lead to damage and decay, too. Factor in the rains and storms, and you’ll soon realize that leaving your cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, or other equipment out in the open is really not a good idea. If you’re ready to better protect your cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, ATV’s and equipment, then you’ve come to the right place for South Carolina!



Regular Roof Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


Are you looking for a quality storage shelter that won’t make you break the bank? Regular roof metal carports serve the same purpose as other carport styles, but for a fraction of their cost and overall assembly time. A regular style carport is the most economical type of building you can buy today, their curved edges making the assembly process much easier and faster than other roof styles. Since it is installed with horizontally aligned panels, we highly-recommend this carport style to customers who live in areas that do not typically experience high winds, heavy rain, or heavy snowfall.

Buy a regular style steel carport to protect your vehicles and belongings. The regular roof style is a curved trim structure with horizontal roof panels that run from front to the back of your carport. Customize your regular carport based on your needs.

A-Frame Roof Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


Did you know that after your home, your vehicle is the second largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime? If you’re going to invest your hard-earned money into a nice vehicle, you should protect it in the best way possible. And Carport Direct has just the solution! We offer one of the largest selections of steel carports and buildings to choose from. If you plan to match your new shelter to your home or other existing structures, our A-frame horizontal carport is a great choice.

Our A-frame carports are the easiest way to match your carport to other structures without breaking the bank. An A-frame style building can be installed with either a boxed-eave or vertical roof. The A-frame horizontal roof is installed with horizontally-oriented panels with protruding eaves on each side of the roof. While it can provide reliable protection to your property, we recommend it for areas that may experience some winds, but very light rain and snowfall.

Buy an A-frame roof style carport from Carport Direct here. A-frame carports have a boxed eave trim with horizontal roof panels and are available in sizes from 12’ to 30’. Customize your a-frame carport based on your needs.

Vertical Roof Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


Vertical roofs are the most durable, best-selling roofing system available in the metal building industry. And as its name applies, it is installed with vertically-oriented paneling, as well as cross braces, ridge caps, and a hat channel for added protection and strength. Its structural components and panel orientation make this the most reliable, longest-lasting roofing option. While it’s engineered to withstand all climate types, it is highly-recommended for areas prone to extreme weather conditions and suggested for structures that are longer than 36’. Buildings that have horizontal paneling and are longer than 36’ tend to leak over time.

Strongest and the best looking vertical roof style carports available in
widths 12’-30’. This is the most recommended carport style in which the panels run top to down letting snow and debris fall off easily; keeping it virtually maintenance-free.

12-24' Wide Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


When it comes to sheltering your property, there are several options to take into consideration. In most cases, fully-enclosed garages are the best way to protect your belongings from theft and damage. But what are the other available options if you can’t afford a fully-enclosed structure, or you simply don’t want one? A custom carport from Carport Direct is just the answer you’re looking for. Our prefab carports are top-only structures with a variety of possible uses. We offer these carports in several sizes, including widths of 12’, 18’, 20’, 22’, and 24’.

This category lists all carports including the regular style, boxed-eave A-frame, and vertical roof styles. The carports listed in this category are from widths 12 feet to 24 feet, also known as standard carports.

26-30' Wide Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


No matter what condition they may be in, new or old, you’ll always want to make sure your equipment and vehicles are protected from the elements. Our variety of metal carports offers a reliable solution to most any residential, agricultural, and commercial need you may have. Carport Direct’s steel products aren’t just reliable though, they’re also durable, long-lasting, cost-effective, and worth every dime you spend on them.

For customers in need of sheltering multiple vehicles, several pieces of equipment, or need a large space for other needs, we recommend our 26’ to 30’ wide carports. This style carport offers a generous amount of space to shelter your vehicles, store your equipment, or to even use as an entertainment area for get-togethers. Their versatile designs allow you to use them in any way you desire. The widths available for these structures include 26’, 28’, and 30’.
This category lists all carports including the regular style, boxed-eave A-frame, and vertical roof styles. The carports listed in this category are from widths 26 feet to 30 feet, also known as triple wide carports.

One Car Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


When you aren’t traveling, where do you leave your vehicle? Is it protected by a reliable shelter or do you leave it exposed to the elements? When left exposed for long periods of time, Mother Nature can cause extensive damages to both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. If you’re ready to make a change and provide your vehicle with the best possible protection, Carport Direct has just the solution for you.
We got the best deals on single car carports. Explore single car ports in regular, a-frame, and vertical roof styles.

Two Car Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


Are you looking for a long-term, reliable means of shelter for your cars? Or perhaps your outdoor lawn equipment? No matter what your intentions may be, Carport Direct has the perfect solution to fulfill most any storage need you may have. Our two-car steel carports and steel carport kits are an affordable, reliable, long-term means of shelter. While many people think of carports as an unnecessary addition to their property, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to invest in one once you use it.

Need a carport canopy for two cars? Browse our page for two carports with unlimited customization. You can buy a top only structure or add custom options to build a partially or fully closed garage building.

Three Car Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


It can be frustrating having to constantly wash pollen off your car, dig it out from under feet of snow, or worry about it being damaged during harsh thunderstorms. It can also be very frustrating trying to find a reliable way to avoid these situations without spending all your hard-earned money. But what if we told you that we have a way for you to avoid it? Carport Direct offers a complete line of versatile, durable, and affordable steel products, including our triple wide carports.
Three car carports available for sale. Buy a canopy to protect your three cars including trucks, minis, golf carts, sedans, salon cars, or SUV vehicles.

Buy Your Carport Online in SC

Carport Direct is for people who like to make their own decisions. No pushy sales people or stiff-arming here! Instead, we provide direct manufacturer pricing, an almost endless combination of customization options and Carport Direct’s amazing team of the best-trained building specialists. We’re not pushy, but we’re always here to help you when you need us!

Many of our customers search for 30-wide, 40-wide, 50-wide, even 60-wide buildings. Carport Direct can help with that! We offer metal structures up to 70’ wide across the entire state of South Carolina. We cover every area of SC, and we deliver and install your building at no extra charge! If you’re an individual or business looking for some extra clear span space, Carport Direct is the number one choice for metal buildings in South Carolina. We make more than just SC carports, too; we can design barns, lean-tos, open garages, enclosed garages, utility carports, service centers, car repair shops, warehouses, and much more. No need to worry about having to install it yourself, either. Unlike most pole barns, Carport Direct metal buildings are delivered and installed for no additional cost. All you must do is make sure your site is leveled and ready beforehand. We can install your building on most any surface, including ground, gravel, asphalt, or concrete.

Carport Direct offers quality carports and metal structures for South Carolina residents and business owners that are practical, reliable, and economical. We can provide 2-car, 3-car, 4-car, and 5-car garages. Our side-entry garages are perfect for residential usage, and you can opt to add more storage space to keep any additional items safe and secure, helping to make your house more clutter-free. Our metal buildings have a 20-year rust through warranty on the framing and a 10-year warranty on paneling. Many other carport companies in South Carolina will try and mimic what we offer, but they can’t deliver on their promises. We walk the talk, and we take care of all our customers. Carport Direct is dedicated to providing the best customer service, and our passion is to really help people.

Our carports start at widths of 12’ but can be designed to accommodate multiple vehicles. Our carport lengths start at 21’ and can be increased in increments of 5’ to whatever length you need. Our carport heights start at 7 feet and can go as tall as 20 feet. Customers like to use our taller carports and barns to house their RVs, motorhomes, buses, and other vehicles. For buildings that are above 15 feet tall, laced legs are a default option. Our South Carolina carports are designed with 14 GA galvanized steel tubing, but you can also choose to upgrade to the heavier 12 GA for even more added protection. The 12 GA carports are stronger and are better suited for meeting higher wind and snow loads.

Our Service Areas in South Carolina SC

Our South Carolina carport prices are good for the entire state of South Carolina, which includes

  1. Abbeville, SC
  2. Aiken, SC
  3. Anderson, SC
  4. Barnwell, SC
  5. Beaufort, SC
  6. Cayce, SC
  7. Charleston, SC
  8. Clemson, SC
  9. Clinton, SC
  10. Columbia, SC
  11. Conway, SC
  12. Cross Hill, SC
  13. Darlington, SC
  14. Easley, SC
  15. Florence, SC
  16. Forest Acres, SC
  17. Fort Mill, SC
  18. Gaffney, SC
  19. Garden City, SC
  20. Georgetown, SC
  21. Goose Creek, SC
  22. Greenville, SC
  23. Greenwood, SC
  24. Greer, SC
  25. Hanahan, SC
  26. Hartsville, SC
  27. Hilton Head Island, SC
  28. Lancaster, SC
  29. Lexington, SC
  30. Little River, SC
  31. Mauldin, SC
  32. Mount Pleasant, SC
  33. Myrtle Beach, SC
  34. Newberry, SC
  35. North Augusta, SC
  36. North Charleston, SC
  37. North Myrtle Beach, SC
  38. Orangeburg, SC
  39. Rock Hill, SC
  40. Seneca, SC
  41. Simpsonville, Spartanburg, SC
  42. Summerville, SC
  43. Sumter, SC
  44. Union, SC
  45. West Columbia, SC
  46. York, SC

and every place in between across the Palmetto State!

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