One of the most popular forms of travel nowadays are RVs and campers. These vehicles are a powerful, efficient, and comfortable way to travel cross-country or just go camping for the weekend. Whether you own one or not, it’s understandable how significant of an investment they are. And when you spend your hard-earned money on a vehicle such as these, you’ll want to provide it with the best possible protection. But no worries, we have just the solution for you here at Carport Direct.

Leaving your recreational vehicle exposed to the weather elements for extended periods of time can cause significant amounts of damage to its interior and exterior. But with a regular roof metal RV cover from Carport Direct, you won’t have to worry about damaging your new home-on-the-road. This style carport is often recognized by its rounded edges and horizontally aligned paneling. Due to its simple design and steel components, this regular roof RV covers are highly-recommended for areas that do not experience harsh weather conditions.

Protect your motorhomes with our cheapest regular roof RV carports. The curved trim and horizontal roof panels offer robust protection while being light on your wallet.

Regular Roof RV Covers


Regular Roof RV Carports


Customize Your Steel RV Cover

We offer a variety of customization options to personalize your new RV cover with here at Carport Direct. We let you take full control over the design process, making the steel RV cover you want and need. Take a look at some of our available features below –

  • Roof Styles – Aside from regular roofs, we also offer vertical and A-frame horizontal.
  • Colors – We offer 16 total color options; 14 standard and 2 premiums.
  • Gauge of Frame – Choose between 12- and 14-gauge framing.
  • Paneling – You can opt to have additional side paneling to partially or fully-enclose your carport.

Regular Roof RV Cover Sizes

We offer several sizes for RV covers at Carport Direct, mainly because one size can’t fulfill the requirements of each customer. When choosing the size dimensions of your carport, it’s important to choose something that is bigger than the minimum size requirements as it wil fit both your current and future needs. It will also give you more room to move around or store your traveling necessities.

When you choose the length, width, and height of your structure, you need to measure, measure, measure! By measuring your recreational vehicle, you can determine how much extra room you will need to perform maintenance, store items, or simply load and unload the vehicle without feeling cramped. It’s recommended that you add five feet to the length of your RV to determine how long the building should be. The width should be determined based on how wide your RV or camper is and how much extra room you desire. For the height of your regular roof cover, make sure there is enough clearance to accommodate any antennas, vents, etc.

Prices for Regular Roof Metal RV Covers

There are certain factors that will influence the final price of your RV carport – its size, style, certification, install location, and chosen features. However, there’s no need to worry about not being able to afford your unit, we have options for everyone! With our rent-to-own and financing programs, you can now find the payment plan that best suits you and your financial status. For more information regarding these services, feel free to contact us today.

Finding a steel building dealer to provide you with an RV cover at a discounted price nowadays is easy, but their price comes with a compromise of quality. At Carport Direct, you’re buying direct. You may be wondering what it means to buy direct and it’s quite simple – it means you’re buying through our website instead of a salesperson.  With no middle man, you won’t have to concern yourself with sales commissions. We allow you to take over the process of designing and purchasing your dream carport, guaranteeing you will get exactly what you need and want.

Applications for Regular Roof RV Carports

When people think of a carport, they usually think of a steel shelter for their vehicles, equipment, and other belongings. But the steel units we offer at Carport Direct can be utilized for so much more than a simple shelter. Take advantage of their open concept and use them as an entertainment space for get-togethers and parties, a shelter for your animals, agricultural storage (hay, feed, riding gear, etc.), or even a greenhouse. With a little imagination, the possibilities are nearly endless!

What to Consider When Purchasing a Regular Roof Steel RV Carport

  • Preparing Your Site – Once you have found the place where you plan to have your carport installed, you’ll need to properly prepare it for a steel building. The first step is to make sure the property is cleared of all debris, vegetation, and is completely level. We recommend having a concrete pad poured, but we will install on any level surface. You are also responsible for making sure the site is accessible, if the difference between the delivery truck and site is more than 50 feet, additional fees may be charged. If you have additional questions regarding site preparation, contact us today or visit our website.
  • Certifications – Structures that are certified have been designed and engineered to meet local, state, and/or national building codes as well as wind and snow load ratings. Depending on the typical weather conditions in your area, you may or may not need to certify your structure; however, it is always a good idea to have it certified for peace of mind and additional stability.
  • Local Building Codes and Requirements – Building codes will vary based on your location, your area’s elemental threats, and the type of structure you purchase. We like to remind our customers to check with their local ordinances regarding building codes and regulations; if you miss one step or do not meet all the requirements, there is a chance you will be made to take your carport down. To save yourself time and money, be sure to check ALL codes, requirements, and permits.

Purchase Your Regular RV Cover Direct

If you would like to see our variety of our other steel carport styles, feel free to check out our website’s product pages. We take care of our customers here at Carport Direct. With our built-in discounts, no pushy salespeople, and delivery and installation services included in the price of your carport, there’s no reason to go with another company! Call us today at (336) 415-3616 or visit our website to get started designing your dream carport or other steel building.

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