Tennessee Carports

 TN Carports

Carport Direct offers metal carports, RV covers, utility carports, fully-enclosed garages, triple-wide carports, horse barns, classic barns and commercial metal buildings for sale across the great state of Tennessee. We provide delivery & installation for our Tennessee metal carports & garages at no additional charge, unlike other companies that only quote carport kit prices but then charge you for the installation or delivery, or both.

Our quality carports protect your car, truck, RV, or boat with strong, durable steel. Don’t let the Tennessee weather elements hurt the longevity of your vehicles or equipment!



Regular Roof Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


A-Frame Roof Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


Vertical Roof Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


18-24' Wide Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


26-30' Wide Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


One Car Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


Two Car Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


Three Car Carports

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)


Steel Carports in Tennessee TN

When it comes to steel carports in Tennessee, we offer many styles, sizes, and customization options. We have a huge selection of carport designs that will satisfy the unique needs of any of our Tennessee customers. We know you paid a lot for your beloved car or truck, and you really don’t want to leave it out in the open. Prolonged exposure to sun and storms can destroy your paint and cause other damage to your vehicles as well. Older or classic cars can actually rot from the inside due to overexposure. A metal structure is a great way to protect your vehicles and belongings, as well as help increase your overall property value.

Buy Your Carport Online in Tennessee

Carport Direct is an online metal carport dealer that can offer you the benefits of buying direct. What does “direct” mean? Direct means you are buying from us at the low prices. We only source the best-quality buildings, and our delivery lead times are typically much better than those of our competitors. Unlike some dealers, we actually follow up throughout the process to make sure your building actually gets delivered and installed in a timely manner!

Buying direct from Carport Direct also means that we allow you the freedom to research, design, evaluate, and customize your metal carport structure on your own. No pushy salespeople or gimmicks here – only helpful building specialists who are only a chat or a phone call away when you need us. You’re welcome to shop away on your own, or we can provide help and guidance at any point during your carport buying process. There may be other local or online carport kit dealers in Tennessee who are more than happy to sell you something, but few companies will come alongside to offer amazing options, reasonable prices, excellent advice, and quick delivery.

We sell more than just TN carports, too. With a complete range of barns, utility garages, all-vertical metal buildings, enclosed steel buildings, storage sheds, carport shelters, and commercial metal buildings, Carport Direct can get you the outdoor structure that perfectly complements your needs. Our standard carports can be used as one-car or two-car garages, and our triple wide buildings range from 26’ to 30’ feet wide. Many of our customers like to choose a side-entry garage for 3 or more cars due to their ease of access. Side-entry garages offer a great economical solution and can be used for multiple purposes.

For Tennessee businesses, Carport Direct offers amazing commercial buildings with maximum available clear span space. We can provide:

  • 30’ x 30’ metal building with 900 sq. feet of clear span
  • 30’ x 40’ metal building with 1200 sq. feet of clear span
  • 30’ x 50’ metal building with 1500 sq. feet of clear span
  • 40’ x 40’ metal building with 1600 sq. feet of clear span
  • 40’ x 50’ metal building with 2000 sq. feet of clear span
  • 50’ x 50’ metal building with 2500 sq. feet of clear span
  • Or you can go bigger still!

Please note that the above clear span dimensions are only a sample. Tell us how much space you need, and we can build to your specifications. We can help you custom design a metal building to suit your needs. Many of our farm, commercial, and industrial customers have used our metal buildings across many industries and applications. Our buildings can save you money when compared with traditional pre-engineered metal buildings. Our metal structures also require little maintenance and can meet higher wind and snow ratings.

Best Collection of Metal Carports and Structures with Easy Customization

If you like variety, then Carport Direct has something for you in TN. Need something more than a roof-only structure? You can add more panels, close one or more sides, even create a fully-enclosed garage if you so choose. If you need a carport in Knoxville, a garage in Nashville, an RV cover in Memphis, or a workshop in Chattanooga, we’ve got you covered. Our buildings come in several different color options and styles, including either the regular, boxed-eave, or vertical roof style. The vertical roof is the premium choice, as the sheeting is oriented top-to-bottom, allowing rain and snow to slide more easily off your roof and away from your building. The vertical carport or garage is the best choice for residents of the Volunteer State.

While you may think of Tennessee as having milder weather, it actually has one of the highest percentages of total tornadoes resulting in fatalities. Winter storms can also sometimes be a challenge too, dumping several inches of snow at a time. With this kind of variable weather, you need tough barns, sheds, carports and garages to protect your cars and trucks, tools, tractors, lawn mowers, and animals.

Our Service Areas in Tennessee TN

Carport Direct covers all of Tennessee and its counties, including

    1. Anderson
    2. Bedford
    3. Benton
    4. triplewide carports in Bledsoe
    5. Blount
    6. Bradley
    7. Campbell
    8. Cannon
    9. Carroll
    10. Carter
    11. garages in Cheatham
    12. Chester
    13. double carports in Claiborne
    14. Clay
    15. horse barns in Cocke
    16. Coffee
    17. Crockett
    18. Cumberland
    19. Davidson
    20. Decatur
    21. DeKalb
    22. steel garages in Dickson
    23. Dyer
    24. Fayette
    25. Fentress
    26. Franklin
    27. Gibson
    28. Giles
    29. metal carports in Grainger
    30. Greene
    31. Grundy
    32. Hamblen
    33. Hamilton
    34. Hancock
    35. metal utility sheds in Hardeman
    36. Hardin
    37. Hawkins
    38. Haywood
    39. Henderson
    40. Henry
    41. Hickman
    42. RV storage in Houston
    43. Humphreys
    44. Jackson
    45. Jefferson
    46. Johnson
    47. Knox
    48. Lake
    49. boat storage in Lauderdale
    50. Lawrence
    51. Lewis
    52. Lincoln
    53. Loudon
    54. McMinn
    55. steel buildings in MeNairy
    56. Macon
    57. Madison
    58. Marion
    59. Marshall
    60. Maury
    61. Meigs
    62. utility buildings in Monroe
    63. Montgomery
    64. Moore
    65. Morgan
    66. Obion
    67. Overton
    68. Perry
    69. tool sheds in Pickett
    70. Polk
    71. Putnam
    72. Rhea
    73. Roane
    74. Robertson
    75. Rutherford
    76. Scott
    77. carports and garages in Sequatchie
    78. Sevier
    79. Shelby
    80. Smith
    81. Stewart
    82. Sullivan
    83. Sumner
    84. Tipton
    85. Trousdale
    86. Unicoi
    87. Union
    88. Van Buren
    89. Warren
    90. Washington
    91. Wayne
    92. Weakley
    93. White
    94. Williamson

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