RV Covers for Sale

If you’re the proud owner of a motorhome, camper, or other specialty RV, you know the importance of having your own “wheels of freedom” for travel and vacation. It’s also important to take good care of your investment so it’ll be ready to go again when you are; that’s why Carport Direct offers the best RV covers at unbeatable prices!

Why Should You Choose a Steel RV Cover?

What’s better about having your own steel RV carport? Steel RV covers are preferable to those made from wood, aluminum, or other materials in almost every way. They’re stronger, more rugged, last longer, and are easier to maintain, for starters. Here are a few points in particular that are worth considering:

  • Affordable
  • A metal RV cover is actually less expensive than many realize, especially when compared to the cost per square foot of a comparable building made from other materials. You can also save on having to pour a concrete or asphalt slab; we can install directly on gravel or ground if that’s your preference. You won’t have to worry about peeling paint or needing to repaint in a few years, either – the colors are infused into the metal.

  • Customizable
  • A steel structure from Carport Direct is completely customizable. You can choose any design or dimensions you want, and you can add any number of specialty customizations to your building. Want to turn your RV cover into an RV garage? We can just add metal panels and enclose it! It’s also easier to expand or adapt one of our structures down the road, too.

  • Weather-Resistant
  • Steel is much more resistant than wood. It doesn’t rot, and it doesn’t play host to moss, mold, or mildew. And where wood is susceptible to termites and other pests, steel doesn’t carry any of those liabilities. On top of that, a steel RV carport is much better suited for withstanding wind, rain, snow, lightning, even earthquakes. And all of the paneling is galvanized to prevent rust and lengthen the life of y

  • More Ecologically Conscious
  • Do you care about doing your part to help our planet by conserving its resources? Our steel structures are built to last, so you’ll reduce your ecological footprint by not needing to invest in an RV cover replacement in a few years.

    Plus, the steel we source includes a percentage of recycled material, and each building component is nearly 100% recyclable itself.

    What Customization Options Do You Have for Your Metal RV Carport?

    A better question to ask is how would you like to customize your metal RV carport? You’ve got lots of options with Carport Direct, including choosing the building size, shape, colors, roof style, material gauge, installation location, siding, doors, windows, and more. Here’s a little of what we mean:

    • Roof Styles: The roof is perhaps the most important feature of any carport or cover; Carport Direct gives you three roof styles from which to choose:
      • Regular Roof: This rounded, curved roof features horizontal panels. Many like the rounded look, and many also like its cheaper price tag. These roofs do provide reliable UV protection, but they aren’t effective on longer buildings, or in areas that experience anything in the way of extreme weather.
      • A-Frame Horizontal Roof: Also commonly called a boxed eave roof, the A-frame infrastructure is more durable than that of a regular roof. Some also prefer that an A-frame roof more closely parallels the look of a traditional house roof. Like a regular roof, the A-frame roof has horizontal paneling, but it’s better suited for weather challenges than a regular roof.
      • Vertical Roof: Vertical roofs are our premium option, and are your best choice for security and strength. A vertical roof is built on an A-frame, but it includes more support and reinforcement than a boxed eave roof. The vertical roof is also layered with vertical paneling, which channels rain, snow, and other precipitation or debris off the roof more easily. The vertical roof is also your best bet for enduring extreme weather challenges.
  • Building Dimensions
  • What size is your RV? We can provide you an RV cover with ample width, length, and height to accommodate any RV, motorhome, bus, boat and trailer, or any large vehicle. Our RV covers typically start at 12′ wide, and can go much wider if you need to cover more than one vehicle. Building length and height can also be customized to match the size of your vehicles; you can also opt to add some additional space for storage, too.

  • Color Options
  • Like to have some options when it comes to choosing a color? If so that’s good, because we’ve got options! We currently offer 16 standard colors and 2 premium colors for your consideration, which can be applied to the roof, trim, and siding (if you opt for any). You can make your RV cover blend in with other buildings, or you can choose to make it really stand out!

  • Steel Gauges
  • If you aren’t familiar, “gauge” simply refers to the thickness of material components when it comes to a metal building. We offer buildings framed with industry-standard 14-GA steel, or you can opt for our thicker, sturdier 12-GA frame option. Similarly, we use industry-standard 29-GA steel for the roof and side paneling, or you can upgrade to a heavier 26-GA.

  • Anchors
  • You have options when it comes to choosing the foundation for your building, too. You can have your own concrete or asphalt slab poured on your own, or you can opt to have your building installed on gravel or plain level ground. Want to install on a dock or wooden decking? We make options available for that as well. Depending on your installation surface, we can supply either rebar, mobile home (auger), concrete, or asphalt anchors to secure your structure.

  • Plus Much More!

How Can You Use Your Metal RV Carport?

Carport Direct offers many popular styles and sizes of RV metal carports for sale that can be used for a variety of applications. Obviously they’re great for sheltering RVs, but you certainly aren’t limited to that. Not only can you park a camper, motorhome or trailer, but you can also park other large vehicles like buses, tractors, or farm equipment, not to mention your personal vehicles. In fact, our RV carports are good for keeping pretty much any items under cover. They also make great picnic shelters and general centers for conducting covered outdoor activities or hobbies. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to deciding how to use your steel structure!

Pricing a Steel RV Carport

One advantage to partnering with Carport Direct is the fact that we source all of our custom buildings directly from our preferred manufacturers – which means we can save you some money! The price of your particular RV carport will depend on a few variables, including your desired building width, length, and height, the roof style, the gauges of steel framing and paneling you choose, any other included customizations, and the location of your install site. We constantly update our website to keep pricing current, but if you have any specific customization or price questions you can always just pick up the phone and give us a call.

How to Pay For It? Financing and Rent-To-Own Options

Not in a financial situation to be able to pay for it all up front? Don’t let that stop you from getting the quality RV cover you need! We partner with several preferred lenders to offer you the very best, most flexible financing options. Depending on the final cost of your building, you may also qualify for one of our rent-to-own options with no credit check needed! Ready to learn more about how we can help you to afford the metal building you need? Reach out to us today, and let us help you to explore all your options.

Why Buy a Metal RV Cover from Carport Direct?

Carport Direct exists to offer you an easy, one-stop shop for all your steel building needs – and nobody beats our prices! How are we able to do this? We deal directly with the supplier on your behalf – you won’t have to worry with middlemen or sales commissions when you purchase with us.

  • You can complete your entire metal building shopping experience online (but we’re here for you if you’d like to hear a friendly voice, too)
  • Our cutting-edge 3D Metal Building Configurator enables you to design, customize, and price your own custom metal structure, easy to navigate from any computer or smart device
  • We only partner with the best local and regional manufacturers, so you can trust that you’re getting the best product available in your area
  • We INCLUDE delivery and installation of your steel structure in any of the areas that we serve, and we do this at NO additional cost to you!

Other Questions People Tend to Ask – FAQs

  • How long does a metal RV cover last?
  • Each of our steel structures is engineered and built to last you for a lifetime. We believe so strongly in the quality of our products that we offer one of the best warranty packages available in the metal building industry. We stand behind each and every structure with a 20-year warranty for steel framing, a 10-year warranty for the roof and any side paneling, and a 1-year workmanship warranty. If you have any other specific warranty questions, just reach out to us about that.

  • How should I prepare my building site before installation?
  • One of the first things you should do is to obtain any permits that may be needed in your area. Next, you should ensure that your site is level before we arrive to install your building, and also make sure our installers have plenty of clearance to operate around the perimeter of the installation site. If you plan to install on a poured surface, you’ll also need to have that taken care of ahead of time. If you’re having a pad poured, it needs to be the same width as the building, and one foot shorter than the roof length. For example, if your building size is 26’x30′, your slab should measure 26’x29′. Also please mark any underground cables, gas lines, or other utility lines near the installation site.

  • What materials are used to make your metal RV covers?
  • Our structural components is made with high-quality steel, including steel that’s sourced right here in the USA. Each custom structure is engineered and crafted in a local American manufacturing facility. Carport Direct is proud to support American steel and help generate American jobs!

  • When can I expect my steel RV cover to be delivered?
  • We’re proud to maintain some of the shortest lead times in the industry at Carport Direct. Your individual lead time will depend upon your install location, the season of the year, and our current level of demand. Once your order is confirmed, we’ll reach out to our manufacturers and get to work. Once the materials are ready and delivered, as long as your site is ready to go we can typically get a small-to-medium-sized building installed in the span of just one day!

  • What’s a certified RV cover?
  • Steel RV covers come stronger and more durable than stick-builds by default, but a certified building is one which also meets or exceeds local building codes and requirements for specific minimum wind and snow loads. Whether you are required to have a certified building will depend upon local building codes in your area, but we always recommend that you choose a certified building for the greater peace of mind it offers.

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