Are you looking for a quality storage shelter that won’t make you break the bank? Regular roof metal carports serve the same purpose as other carport styles, but for a fraction of their cost and overall assembly time. A regular style carport is the most economical type of building you can buy today, their curved edges making the assembly process much easier and faster than other roof styles. Since it is installed with horizontally aligned panels, we highly-recommend this carport style to customers who live in areas that do not typically experience high winds, heavy rain, or heavy snowfall.

Buy a regular style steel carport to protect your vehicles and belongings. The regular roof style is a curved trim structure with horizontal roof panels that run from front to the back of your carport. Customize your regular carport based on your needs.

Regular Roof Carports


Regular Roof Metal Carports


Day-to-Day Applications for Regular Roof Carports

In most cases, people purchase a steel carport to protect their vehicles from rain and excessive sun exposure, but these custom-built structures can be used for so much more than a shelter. With their flexible designs, you can do most anything you wish one with of our regular carports. Take a look at some of our ideas for day-to-day applications for carports below –

  • Picnic Shelter
  • Poolside Cabana
  • Play Area
  • Conventional Storage Shed
  • Combo Utility Carport
  • Work Station (car repairs, maintenance, etc.)

Features of Regular Style Carports

At Carport Direct, we give you options. We understand no two customers are alike, and neither are their dream carports. But with our unique variety of customization options, you can get the steel carport you want and add a personal touch to make it your own. We’ll be with you every step of the way to provide assistance when needed, but we give you full control over the design and purchase of your unit. Not only will this ensure you get exactly what you want and need, but it gives you the opportunity to exercise your freedom of design. You can look at a few of our available features below:

  • Colors (16 available options – 14 standard and 2 premium)
  • Galvanized Steel Framing (12- or 14- gauge)
  • Certifications
  • Doors (Garage Doors and Walk-in Doors)
  • Frame-Outs
  • Additional Paneling – You can choose to partially or fully-enclose your carport for more coverage and a better sense of security, but you don’t have to make a hasty decision now. Additional side paneling can always be added the structure is installed.

Regular Carport Sizes

When you invest your hard-earned money into a metal carport, you should be able to use it however you wish. And to make sure you’re able to do so, you need to choose the right size dimensions. It’s important to make sure your carport will fulfill your current needs, but it’s just as important to make sure it will fulfill your anticipated needs. We have had customers order structures that were too small to fit their needs, limiting them to what they can do.

You can choose from our standard size dimensions, or you can opt to customize the size of your carport. From our standard 12’W x 21’L carport starting at $1,100, to an 18’W x 36’L starting at $1,900, we have sizes for every need you may have. You can even go as big as a 24’W x 36’L carport that starts around $2,800. The price of your unit will fluctuate with its size and added features. Keep in mind, if you need a structure longer than 36’, we recommend choosing a vertical roof to avoid possible leaking in the future.

Carport Direct Pricing

When you purchase a steel building from Carport Direct, you’re buying direct. This means you can design and purchase your carport directly through our website with no pushy salespeople trying to upsell you. And without the middle man, you don’t have to worry about commissions either. We also offer built-in discounts with all our prices. These savings opportunities are only a few of the benefits we offer our customers at Carport Direct. Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this, call us today for more information.

Carport Direct Rent-to-Own and Financing Programs

Trying to invest in a steel building out of your price range can be difficult, especially if you need a means of shelter as soon as possible. At Carport Direct, we offer two excellent financing and rent-to-own programs for customers who cannot afford a metal structure up front. Depending on your chosen building and in some cases, your credit score, you could own your new shelter within a matter of weeks.

  • Rent-to-Own – Our rent-to-own program at Carport Direct is an excellent solution for customers who are faced with certain financial constraints. This program allows you to have your regular roof carport installed as a rental, with the option to purchase it in the future. Once you submit your application, you can be approved within a matter of minutes, no credit check required!
  • Financing – If you prefer to pay for your steel carport in full, up front, we also offer an excellent financing program. Financing is a great option for customers who want to stay within a budget but also have their building as soon as possible. With modest interest rates, you can be approved the same day for a loan up to $55,000. Of course, your loan amount will depend on your credit as well as the cost of your chosen structure.

Why You Should Partner with Carport Direct

At Carport Direct, we want your overall experience to be educational, stress-free, and fun. No matter what your needs or budget may be, we are with you every step of the way to help in any way we can. We don’t focus our attention on making money, we focus our attention on you – the customer. Don’t wait any longer to invest in the carport you need, call us today at (336) 415-3616 to speak with one of our building representatives or visit our website to start the design process. We can’t wait to help you find your ideal storage solution and experience the Carport Direct difference!

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