Metal Buildings For Sale

Our metal buildings for sale are sturdy, well-built, larger steel buildings. They can be left open, partially-enclosed, or fully-enclosed as per your need. Metal buildings from Carport Direct are great for residential, commercial, agricultural, or manufacturing applications. The sturdy steel framing allows for increased flexibility of design and more usable interior space.

Prefab Metal Buildings for Sale

Our top-selling steel buildings for sale at Carport Direct start from 32’ wide and can go as wide as 70’. We also have the ability to deliver even bigger structures, if that’s what you need!

Standard building lengths run from 21’ to 51’, in increments of 5’. Standard leg height is typically 10’, but you can also customize the building height according to your needs.

Our Steel Building Styles

  • Residential Steel Building More and more customers are choosing to finish our steel buildings as residential space. These buildings are strong enough to give you and your loved ones a secure living space for a lifetime. These structures also require much less maintenance than comparable stick-build homes.
  • Commercial Metal Building Our Commercial Metal Buildings can be designed to be large enough to accommodate all your commercial, retail, or office space needs. You can choose from our 40 x 60, 50 x 80, 60 x 80 and many more popular sizes. You can also get a custom-sized structure to fit your exact needs.
  • Metal Carport Sure, you can park your vehicles under our Metal Carports. They can also serve you as covered picnic areas, gathering spaces, or open storage areas for anything you need to keep under a roof.
  • Metal Garage Our Metal Garages keep all your vehicles or other items safe and secure from threats of weather, pests, or intruders. Agriculture Farm Building Great for housing farm vehicles, tractors, attachments, tools, and equipment. Also perfect for storing crops, hay, feed, and seed!
  • RV Carport Park your camper, RV or motorhome under a strong steel structure. Add side panels for even more secure, enclosed housing for your large recreational vehicles.
  • Clear Span Building Our Clear Span Buildings provide a ton of usable interior space for everything from vehicles to machinery to equipment, or whatever else you may need to house.
  • Metal Workshop Building Simply put, our metal workshop buildings are a great place to get things done. Perfect for manufacturing, production, or repair services!
  • Metal Storage Building If you need a place to store it, one of our Metal Storage Buildings can accommodate it!
  • Metal Barn Our Metal Barns provide great peace of mind, because you can rest easy knowing that all your animals are safe and protected. Also great for storing tools, equipment, feed, and more. We can even provide barns large enough to use as an indoor riding arena.
  • Custom Metal Buildings Beyond our popular building style options, you can also choose to custom design your OWN building to meet your specific needs. You choose all the specifications and customizations you want, and then leave it to us to make it happen for you!

Why you should invest in a metal building for sale from Carport Direct

  • If You Can Think of It, We Can Build It You can imagine and ideate these structures in any manner you decide. You can even choose some unconventional designs. If you need a combination of enclosed, partially enclosed, and open covered space, we can make that happen for you.
  • Quick, Smooth Installations Since your custom building components are engineered and fabricated ahead of time, the day of installation goes much faster and smoother. Our structures go up in a fraction of the time needed for a comparable stick-build.
  • Modern Design Options Thanks to the many colors, choices, and options we provide, your new metal building can be designed to better blend in and complement your house or other surrounding structures.
  • Weather and Pest Resistance We make our structures with all-galvanized-steel components, so they’re built to last. Steel doesn’t rot like wood, it doesn’t host mold, mildew, or moss, and is impervious to termites or other pests.
  • Affordability A prefabricated metal structure from Carport Direct is actually cheaper to build per square foot than comparable building options, and also requires much less labor to install.

Customize Your New Metal Building Online

  • Choose the Roof Style of your Metal Building
  • Regular Roof Style A popular choice for its rounded look, the Regular Roof is also the most economical option.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof Style Also known as the Boxed Eave style, the A-Frame Roof more closely matches the look of a typical home roof, and comes with horizontal roof paneling.
  • Vertical Roof Style This is our premium roof style, and it comes with additional reinforcement and vertical roof paneling. A Vertical Roof is designed to handle the toughest weather challenges, and the vertical paneling channels rain, snow, and debris away from your building more effectively.
  • Different Metal Building Sizes Available Need a metal building for parking space, storage space, residential space, or commercial space? We can provide whatever you’re looking for. Our sizes range from 30’ to 70’ wide, 21’ to 51’ long, and 8’ to 20’ high. Need something bigger? We can add lean-tos or combine metal buildings to give you all the space you need.
  • Certified Metal Buildings Need a certified metal building to meet local or regional requirements? Or would you simply prefer to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your building is certified to withstand higher wind and snow loads? We can take care of you, and we can provide blueprints needed for any permits or regulations specific to your location.
  • Both 12- and 14-Gauge Steel Framing Options Gauge is the thickness of the steel; the lower the gauge, the more sturdy the structure. 14-Gauge is the industry standard for many metal buildings, but we also provide 12-Gauge options for heavier-duty structures.
  • Multiple Color Options We offer 16 standard color and 2 premium color options to choose from for your roof, walls, and trim. Help your metal building to blend in, or if you prefer, you can opt to make it really stand out!

Steel Buildings For Sale at the Great Prices

Carport Direct has a wide range of Steel Buildings for sale. All our structures are built with materials of the highest quality, and you can save money by buying direct from us – no salesperson commission fees to worry about! Base prices for a 40′ Wide metal building start from $5,495 and go up to $20,995 for a 60′ Wide building. Final prices can vary depending on your location and chosen customizations.

Best Financing and Rent to Own Options

Buying a Steel Building from Carport Direct is easier thanks to our preferred financing and rent-to-own options. We are constantly working with our financing partners to find new and better ways to help you get the metal building you need, with a payment plan you can afford! If you’re ready to learn more about financing or rent-to-own through Carport Direct, just reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable building specialists today!

Metal Buildings on Sale – Buy only from Carport Direct

At Carport Direct, you’re buying direct, without the need for unnecessary middlemen. You can navigate the entire design and order process online with the help of our signature 3D Building Configurator tool. The whole process can be completed in minutes! Once you place your order, we’ll reach out to you personally within 48 hours to confirm all the details.

Oh, and did we mention? All of our Metal Building prices INCLUDE delivery and installation anywhere in our service area, with no hidden extra costs. All you must do is ensure that your installation site is level before one of our crews arrives to put up your building.

Got any questions, or need more information? Just reach out to us online, or pick up the phone and give us a call! We’re here to help!

Questions People Tend to Ask – FAQ’s

  • Q1: How much is a 30×40 metal building? A 30’x40’ metal building from Carport Direct starts at a base price of $6095.00. The location of your install site, certification options, and chosen customizations will also factor in to the final price.
  • Q2: How much does it cost to build a metal building? Less than you think! Our steel structures are generally cheaper per square foot than wooden or other structures, AND they’re built to last much longer. Cost factors for your custom metal building include the building dimensions, roof style, gauge of metal, install location, and chosen customization or certification options.
  • Q3: Are steel buildings really better than wood? Yes! Not only can steel buildings be cheaper per square foot, but they also go up faster and require less maintenance over time. Steel structures can handle constant use, and they are also better at withstanding challenges from rain, snow, wind, pests, and ground tremors.
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