28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport


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28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport
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  • 28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Manufacturered in USA
  • 28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Lowest Down Payment
  • Delivery and Installation Included


  • 7' Tall Leg Height
  • 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame
  • A-Frame Structure
  • Horizontal Roof Panels
  • All Legs/Bows 5' On Center
  • 29 Gauge Roofing and Siding Panels
  • Braces for added strength & stability
  • Concrete or Rebar Anchors
  • 20-years Warranty on Roofing Material*
  • 90 Day Workmanship Warranty
  • Delivery and Installation Included
Additional Building Options



  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-C8392C
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-313232
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-703F2A
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-6d213d
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-483e36
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-63615b
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-988B78
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-c9815a
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-F21F2B
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-e1ebf4
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-067355
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-f5e2ba
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-d6d6d6
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-d7d4bc
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-639ec4
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-dab18e
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-trim-s-FFFFFF
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-C8392C
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-313232
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-703F2A
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-6d213d
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-483e36
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-63615b
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-988B78
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-c9815a
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-F21F2B
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-e1ebf4
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-067355
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-f5e2ba
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-d6d6d6
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-d7d4bc
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-639ec4
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-dab18e
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-wall-s-FFFFFF
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-C8392C
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-313232
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-703F2A
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-6d213d
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-483e36
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-63615b
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-988B78
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-c9815a
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-F21F2B
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-e1ebf4
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-067355
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-f5e2ba
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-d6d6d6
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-d7d4bc
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-639ec4
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-dab18e
  • 28x36-A-Frame-Roof-Carport-roof-s-FFFFFF

Built and Size

Size (WxL) :
(Want a different length or width? No problem. See all products under Metal Carports)
Your Buildings Will Be Built to Your Area Code Snow/Wind Requirements. Our Prices INCLUDE Certified Options. In some cases, your codes may require extra certification. We will confirm that when we confirm your order over phone
Double/Ladder Legs & Base-rail


Vertical Option


Roll-up Garage Door
Custom Framed Openings
Walk-in Doors
Walk-in Door Frame-outs
Windows Frame-outs


Truss Upgrade
Extra Bow


We don't provide the concrete pad.
Within 100 feet of the site of installation.
28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport SKU - CDMCA2836
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A-Frame Roof














































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28′ x 36′ A-Frame Style Metal Carport with 7′ Tall Legs, 29 Gauge Horizontal Roof & 14 GA Standard Tubing – Delivery and Installation included!

28×36 Metal Carport Building Includes 7′ Tall Legs, 14 GA Tubing, Carport Legs are 5′ on centers, 2′ Corner Braces and Center Brace on every leg. Extra Bows can be bought separately. Truss Upgrade Available.

This standard 28′ x 36′ A-Frame Style Metal Carport can be customized for your needs. You can add more clearance by adding taller leg columns to this 28×36 A-Frame Style Metal Carport. We design custom carports up to 20′ tall leg height. A 20 feet tall standard carport will have a center clearance of more than 23 feet which makes it suitable for most types of residential, commercial, and industrial usages. You can also customize this carport by adding a gable or an extended gable on the front or the back end of the carport. We offer extra sheet metal by which you can partially close the sides or the ends of your carport depending on your needs and usage. You can also close one end or both sides of this carport.

28×36 Metal Carport

This prefabricated metal carport can be installed on your level lot or existing concrete slab. Our custom metal carport prices vary by the state where they are installed. Our contracted crew can install a carport on concrete, gravel, asphalt, or ground. We can also install a carport over a deck or a 3′ wall, but that entails some extra charges. You can call us to ask about installing a carport over an existing wall; this will require additional labor charges.

Our metal carports are certified for up to 140 MPH Wind Speed & 35 PSF Snow Load with the Standard 14 Gauge Steel Frame in most of the states. We offer up to 90 PSF Snow Load Certification in any state we service for an additional charge if needed. We also build stronger carports using 12GA tubing material. Our 29 GA sheet panels come with a 20 Year Limited Rust-Through Warranty on Roof, & a 90 Day Workmanship Warranty on Installation.

This 28×36 Steel Carport can be installed in areas where the local codes do not exceed 140 mph wind gust speeds. We can build you a carport that can withstand up to 170 mph of wind certification 3-second wind gust with our optional wind certification which covers most of the coastal United States. You can now order any custom metal carport from the ease of your home or office and choose from the 13 different color options. Our carport colors can be customized on the roof, on the walls, trim, and you can even add a wainscot/two-tone on your building. Either your carport walls have a horizontal orientation or vertical, our two-tone package is perfect to increase the curb appeal of this metal structure giving it a premium look and feel.

Important points to note when ordering this

28′ x 36′ A-Frame Roof Metal Carport

  • When your order is confirmed, you only pay 10% – 17% of the total cost of this 28′ x 36′ A-Frame Style Metal Carport.
  • You can review your building order. One of our representatives from our ordering department will call you within 48 hours of your order to confirm your steel building.
  • We do not charge your credit card. We use it only for authorization purposes. It is charged only after we confirm your order to your satisfaction then your credit card will be charged through our online payment process.
  • If you want a steel structure other than this 28′ x 36′ Metal Carport, you can use our metal carport designer tool at: 3D Carports and Building Configurator
  • Balance due and taxes are collected when we install your structure.
  • Attractive financing options are available to make it easy for you to buy a carport.

If you have any questions, or need help from our experienced customer service representatives or would like to get your custom building designed from scratch – Just give us a call at +1 (336) 415-3616

Metal Carports Certification

While the above price is for the 28′ x 36′ A-Frame Style Metal Carport is a non-certified unit in most of the states, some states include certification by default. Please contact us for exact certification. We also offer wind and snow certified units if your area requires them. Upgrading will either change the anchoring pattern from rebar to mobile home anchors and/or will add on some more anchors and braces to the structure to stand strong against high winds and snow load. You can get the blueprints of our engineering drawings to secure any local permit levied in your area.

We offer up to 180mph wind certification and up to 90 PSF snow load certification. Our carports and metal buildings are prefabricated with 100% commercial grade steel tubing and framing for weather protection which makes it maintenance free and built to last. We offer 14 GA galvanized steel tubing (2 ½” by 2 ½”) and 12 GA (2 ¼” by 2 ¼”) and for the higher structural integrity and 29-gauge framing for roof and side panels.

Other Metal Buildings

Other than this 28×36 Steel Carport, we can design and build a full range of steel carports and metal buildings. We are metal building suppliers and our multi-purpose metal buildings can be used for outdoor storage, car parking, farming purposes, automotive or welding shops, RV garages, boat covers, hobby shops, commercial or industrial, manufacturing, animal shelters, warehouses, workshops etc. All our carports, garages, barns, utility carports, clear span metal buildings, storage sheds, and workshops structures are available in different sizes and with a wide range of customization options. For example, we make buildings 13-16 feet tall to shelter your RV and these buildings serve as motorhome sheds. Also, for commercial usage, our customers order taller buildings, usually 15-20 feet tall.

Metal Carport Garage – Enclosed Carport

If you want a garage of the same size, close all the sides & ends and turn this carport into a car garage for your cars. You can go for a two-car enclosed carport which will be wider, and we design two-car enclosed garages up to 24 feet wide. Our two-car garage carport can shelter your cars and any additional equipment. We can design metal carport garages up to 30 feet wide, for sheltering three cars. These are known as our triple wide buildings. Buildings are synonymous with fully enclosed buildings that offer complete protection against wind, rain, hail, and animals.

Want a garage in the same size instead? No problem, Check our Garage Building category for enclosed garages options OR browse more similar buildings here –

28x51 Vertical Roof Carport

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)

28x51 Vertical Roof Carport

28x46 Vertical Roof Carport

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)

28x46 Vertical Roof Carport

28x41 Vertical Roof Carport

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)

28x41 Vertical Roof Carport

28x36 Vertical Roof Carport

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)

28x36 Vertical Roof Carport

28x31 Vertical Roof Carport

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)

28x31 Vertical Roof Carport

28x26 Vertical Roof Carport

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)

28x26 Vertical Roof Carport

28x21 Vertical Roof Carport

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)

28x21 Vertical Roof Carport

28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport

*Add Certification for Wind Speed (up to 170 MPH) and Snow Load (90 PSF)

28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport

Other styles of 28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport

Carport Colors

We offer 14 different carport colors to choose from Barn Red, Black, Burgundy, Clay, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Galvalume, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, Blue, Sandstone and White.

28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Colors

Metal Carports Prices

28×36 Metal Carports Prices include Delivery and Installation Included in the states of Alabama AL, Delaware DE, Florida FL, Georgia GA, Kentucky KY, Maryland MD, Mississippi MS, North Carolina NC, Ohio OH, South Carolina SC, Tennessee TN, Virginia VA, Washington WA, West Virginia WV, Connecticut CT, Maine ME, Massachusetts MA, New Hampshire NH, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Pennsylvania PA, Rhode Island RI, Texas TX, Vermont VT


* Carport prices are subject to change without notice

If you have any questions, need help from our experienced building specialist or would like to get your custom building designed from scratch – Just give us a Call at +1 (336) 415-3616

Installation Site

The number one reason some metal building companies do not meet their customers' expectations is that they fail to educate them about the metal building installation and site preparation process. Carport buyers invariably always want to know if they can install on soil or what happens if their site is not completely level. While Soil, Asphalt, Ground, and Gravel are all acceptable surfaces for installing the carports and buildings, nothing beats the anchoring ability of a Concrete Pad.

  • 28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Ground
  • 28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Gravel
  • 28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Asphalt
  • 28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Concrete

We can install on any LEVEL surface on your site - Ground, Concrete, Soil, and Asphalt. Our prefab buildings include free rebar anchors for ground (*In some regions

We know you want your building perfectly erected on your lot. For us to do that, please ensure that you've removed all the vegetation from the installation area, the land is LEVEL, and the debris is cleared off.

The flat ground may not mean level ground. If the land is titled, it opens up a can of worms...literally. You are inviting rodents, mice, and other creatures such as snakes inside your building. Also, the non-flat surface means extra labor since our sub-contracted crews will have to cut legs on your site for proper installation.

28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Process 1
28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Process 2
28x36 A-Frame Roof Carport Process 3

Buying a Carport from Carport Direct

It is as easy as a click of a button. We want a hassle-free buying experience for you. Here is how you can configure and order your building in quick, easy steps Order a Carport Online

  • Select the carport that fits your needs and budget
  • Customize the building using the available options
  • Click the Add to Cart button and proceed to Order
  • When you order, you just pay the down payment (10% to 16% depending on the total price). We only charge your credit card upon confirming your order. The remaining amount will be collected upon the delivery and installation of your carport by our installation crew.
  • After your order is placed, you’ll receive a copy of the order summary by email. We'll call you to review and confirm your order before we charge your credit card.
+1 (336) 415-3616